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Journey Man

I wish that I could wonder North
And venture on the purer vice
Or linger South upon the shores
And nestle slowly in the shade
West would be a journey too
In search of an illusive gold
Better yet to travel East
And take the trade of a trading man


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Mirror Tune

In this vast world of similar portraits

And 8×10 frames

They ask me to smile

To blend into the mold of uniqueness

Un-plagued by the reality of monotony

I seldom strive to be remembered

But yearn to be easily forgotten

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This fickle beast he rest within

And vessels in my wicked soul

He pardons Gods and brazen men

And raptures all he holds


I yearn and burn for when he shall

Return from whence he came

And yield the warmth and beauty

That existed in my veins


A beast as heartless

And as cruel as I

Shall marvel in my destruction

And implore to die

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To count the days between my birth

and my death

would be a misconception.

Of a life, much lesser than

a passing insect.

Rather I would like to die

On a day unsought

Yet found in the graying fields

of a fruitful journey.

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