The light shall not pass through these doors

And the sun shall not unveil my skeletons

They rest intact and prudently wrapped

For they are the presidents for my fiends

What beauty rest between these bones

And lingers on the silence of my breath

To whisper such a word as truth

Would free me from these darken chambers

But release such a foe

The would break these doors in two


Journey Man

I wish that I could wonder North
And venture on the purer vice
Or linger South upon the shores
And nestle slowly in the shade
West would be a journey too
In search of an illusive gold
Better yet to travel East
And take the trade of a trading man

Fleeting America

The doctors are too expensive

And the guns are too cheap

Education is a privilege

And ignorance is compensated

Love is forgotten

And sex is glamorized

Heaven is non-existent

And science is God

The days are shorter

And the nights are longer

Hope is fleeting

And desperation is rising

America is dying

And the world is dancing

Mirror Tune

In this vast world of similar portraits

And 8×10 frames

They ask me to smile

To blend into the mold of uniqueness

Un-plagued by the reality of monotony

I seldom strive to be remembered

But yearn to be easily forgotten


This fickle beast he rest within

And vessels in my wicked soul

He pardons Gods and brazen men

And raptures all he holds


I yearn and burn for when he shall

Return from whence he came

And yield the warmth and beauty

That existed in my veins


A beast as heartless

And as cruel as I

Shall marvel in my destruction

And implore to die


To count the days between my birth

and my death

would be a misconception.

Of a life, much lesser than

a passing insect.

Rather I would like to die

On a day unsought

Yet found in the graying fields

of a fruitful journey.

Poertry Post

My verdict was a truth declare

To anyone that would care

To listen to the words I swear

My Verdict was a truth declare


And that I wish I hadn’t said

Until my pelt a lighten red

With morsels round me who lay dead

And that I wish I hadn’t said


But they whist upon my lips

And dawn like a brighten eclipse

Like a newborn from the hips

But they whist upon my lips


So do I regret my Freudian Blunder?

Which has taken me asunder

And pardon verdicts from with under

So do I regret my Freudian Blunder?


A wiser man would say no

And contend that it was so

So simply because it’s so

A wiser man would say no